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What is sabong betting in online casino

Online sabong betting, also known as cockfighting betting, is a form of online gambling that involves wagering on the outcome of cockfights. Cockfighting is a traditional blood sport where two roosters, trained and bred for fighting, are placed in a ring and encouraged to fight each other until one of them is incapacitated. In online sabong betting, players can place bets on the outcome of these cockfights through jiliko casino.

Online sabong betting terms

When engaging in sabong (cockfighting) betting, there are several terms that are commonly used within the context of the activity. Here are some key sabong betting terms:

  • Rooster/Cock: Refers to the male chicken that participates in the cockfight.
  • Wager/Bet: The amount of money or value that is staked on the outcome of a cockfight.
  • Derby: A cockfighting event or competition involving multiple roosters, often with a specific theme or set of rules.
  • Handler: The person responsible for preparing and handling the rooster during the cockfight.
  • Pit: The designated area or ring where the cockfight takes place.
  • Gaffs/Spurs: Sharp metal attachments that are attached to the rooster's legs for fighting. The gaffs are used to inflict damage on the opponent.
  • Weight Class: Cockfights are often organized by weight classes to ensure fair matchups between roosters of similar size and weight.
  • Main Event: The featured or headline cockfight of an event or competition.
  • Undercard: The preliminary or secondary cockfights that take place before the main event.
  • Odds: The likelihood or probability of a specific outcome occurring in a cockfight, usually represented as a numerical value or fraction.
  • Favorite: The rooster that is considered more likely to win the cockfight, based on factors such as previous performance, breed, or other considerations.
  • Underdog: The rooster that is considered less likely to win the cockfight, often with higher odds assigned to it.
  • Draw: A rare outcome in a cockfight where neither rooster is able to incapacitate or kill the other within a specified time.
  • Sabong Enthusiast: A person who is passionate about cockfighting and actively follows and participates in cockfighting events.
  • Sabungero: A term used to refer to a person who raises and trains roosters for cockfighting.

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